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SmartAgriHubs is a €20 M EU project under the Horizon 2020 instrument, and brings together a consortium of well over 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. The project aims to realize the digitization of European agriculture by fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success. AGROINTELLI is involved under the Scandinavian Regional...

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This project is a continuation of Grassbots project from 2013-2015, funded by Region Midt. It was demonstrated that it was possible to cut biomass on lowland areas with robots, but the developed technology could not transport the biomass from the area. In GrassBot2, the focus is on the harvest and transportation of green biomass and...

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In the GUDP project, SqM-Farm, artificial intelligence and the newest sensor technologies will be used to acquired specific information at a square meter level on a given field. Throughout the growing season, farmers will be able to monitor on a daily basis the crop growth, nutrients, diseases, pest threats, etc. The system will be demonstrated...

Clover field

Clover grass pastures are an important feed source for dairy cows and its area in 2015 was approx. 259.000 ha (Statistics Denmark, 2016). The optimal clover/grass ratio in a first year’s field is 40-50% clover, and it is important to maintain an active clover population throughout the growing season. A high clover/grass ratio gives a...

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The traditional, intensive cereal farming is, among others, depleting soil carbon. In the CarbonFarm project researchers, advisers, farmers and companies are collaborating to develop more sustainable production systems for organic and conventional arable farming. Carbon Farm cultivation systems will: •    lead to increased carbon content of the soil •    improve soil structure •    reduce fuel...


ResearchNEW CUT


The NewCut project was developing and demonstrating new tools for mechanical weed control for annual and perennial weeds. The goal was to reduce the workload with regards to the removal of perennial weeds in organic crop production by 60%. As part of the project, new control modules for cultivators were developed. These are more efficient...


Precise distribution of nutrients has been a focus area in the crop production for the long time, and especially for the nutrients that are applied with a fertilizer spreader. In Denmark, a large proportion of the nutrients (nitrogen (N) approx. 40%, phosphorus (P) approx. 65% and potassium (K) approx. 45%.) is applied though animal slurry....

IPS Headland is a solution for optimizing ploughing in connection with headlands, wedges and traction optimization. It improves ploughing in the area between headlands and main fields, where the individual plough sections are lowered or raised continuously, and on the same line by turning. In the fully-automatic version, the plough is combined with the tractor’s...

Recare research



The RECARE project has brought together a multidisciplinary team to assess the current threats to soils and to find innovative solutions to prevent further soil degradation across Europe. The soil threats addressed by this project were soil erosion by water, soil erosion by wind, decline of soil organic matter (SOM) in peat soils, decline of...




OptiMek’s aim was to develop and demonstrate effective mechanical alternatives to current practices in weed control. The goal was to decrease the impact of weeds on plant growth and to increase yields in organic crops by 5-10%, ensuring the continued production of selected Danish crops, such as garden seeds and plant beets. As a result...

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Agrointelli is an agriculture company within the plant-production industry, developing new technological solutions within Vision, Automation and Navigation.

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