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Versatile and autonomous agricultural robot solving multiple tasks in the field.
Throughout the complete farming season
Compatible with standard implements
ROBOTTI is equipped with a standard three-point hitch and PTO. This means that the robot can be fitted with standard implements and perform many different tasks in the field throughout the season.
The robot is autonomously controlled by a computer and does not depend on a human driver. Based on your inputs, it calculates and navigates itself and follows an optimized route in the field. The robot operates hour after hour – even on weekends.
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Safe for crop and environment
ROBOTTI is equipped with several redundant safety measures. The farmer can therefore safely leave the fieldwork to Robotti.
Precision farming
Equipped with RTK-GPS and carries the implement in the center. This means that the weight is evenly distributed on all 4 wheels. Therefore, no weight compensation is needed. The implement does not swing and the robot knows exactly where it is. Therefore, Robotti can operate with incredible accuracy and precision while keeping the overall weight low.

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