ROBOTTI a powerful tool to increase agricultural productivity

Robotti is a diesel-hydraulics autonomous tool carrier that will complement your farm equipment. Robotti has the same capabilities as a smaller tractor but can complete the operations without a driver.


The main purpose of Robotti is to increase efficiency on fields and to help professional farmers to save time and money. It supports a wide range of equipment such as precision seeder, mechanical inter row weeder or seed drill. You mount the tool you need on the robot and place it at your field.


It comes with a 3-point hitch (cat. 2, 2 N and 3 N) and will also become available with PTO (power take-off) and supports for external hydraulics.


You can control Robotti manually with a joystick or you can let it work autonomously. However, you can always interrupt the automatic operation and switch to manual control.


Safety has been given an uncompromising attention while developing Robotti.  It will react quickly and accurately if ever risk of an accident should arise.


Robotti is easy to transport because it weighs a mere ton but its lift capacity reaches up to 750 kg. You can steer it with the joystick to drive it onto your trailer and off it – and into the field.

3800 mm or 4800 mm

1500 mm to 3000 mm

2500 mm

680 mm

1500 mm

from 1200 kg

750 kg

Std. Cat. 2, 2 N, 3 N lift

23x10.5-12, 6PR, ST-45

Technical specifications



Working width  


Free height



Capacity lift 

3-point hitch

Standard tires



Number of cylinders

Engine size 

Diesel capacity 

Oil change

Environmental Standard

Kubota D902


24,8 HK

40 l

Every 500 hrs


Robotti's dealers:

At Agromek 2016, Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair, Robotti was awarded with 3 stars for Pioneering New Innovation in Europe and won an Agromek Award.

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