AGROINTELLI is a Danish development company with focus on Sustainable Intensification for arable farming. AGROINTELLI creates revolutionary and radical innovation for arable farming within:




AGROINTELLI is a "development house" for machinery manufacturers, who want to be among the leading technological innovators. By offering customizable cutting-edge products, which can be integrated in your product portfolio, your new product development risk and effort are reduced.


AGROINTELLI was the winner of 20 stars and 2 Agromek Awards at Agromek 2016 - showing the examples of the company’s capabilities. In 2018 three products were awarded - CloverCam (3 stars), IPS Headland (2 stars) and IHM Forage (2 stars).


AGROINTELLI is an open-minded company and welcomes innovative ideas.


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AGROINTELLI’s Team is central to the research and development process. The team members are involved in both department-oriented and multidisciplinary projects, hence, synergy between departments allows to find the best solutions together.


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The company takes advantage of the great potential that exists within the areas of precision farming and automation. Through participation in a number of research projects, AGROINTELLI is working with a broad network on sustainable solutions and lifting agriculture’s standards.


AGROINTELLI cooperates with Danish knowledge institutions, specialized agricultural companies and 33 European Universities.










AGROINTELLI - we simplify farming

AGROINTELLI is an agricultural company within the plant-production industry, developing

new technological solutions within vision, automation and navigation.


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