AGROINTELLI is a growing company with 32 permanent employees working within the realms of navigation, automation and vision. The goal of the company is to transform new agricultural knowledge and scientific results into products and technology platforms that can be used directly out in the fields. The company’s focus is on developing new intelligent solutions which improve the profitability and sustainability of plant-production, with the aim of raising standards in agriculture.


As the trend within the industry is directed towards more intelligent machines, AGROINTELLI is well placed for developing automated and intelligent solutions for distributors and machinery producers interested in the newest technologies on the market.


Along with the permanent employees there are also temporary project employees, and full- and part-time university researchers in Denmark and further-afield. Together they are working on a wide range of publicly funded projects. Information on the ongoing projects can be found under Research Projects.


Through these research projects, the company has built a broad network with Danish knowledge institutions, specialized agricultural companies, 33 European Universities and European research groups.


AGROINTELLI's main office is located in Agro Food Park in Skejby, Århus N.


AGROINTELLI was founded in June 2015 by Kongskilde Industries A/S and Green Agro Innovation ApS. Key personnel from Kongskilde’s Strategic Development division, and publicly funded projects were transferred to AGROINTELLI. In the Autumn of 2015 there were new investors on board and now 72.5% of the company is owned by private investors and the remaining shares belong to the employees.


To integrate new agronomic knowledge and scientific results as well as the latest trends from legislation within Europe and North America into innovative agronomic technologies.


The mission is to create revolutionary and radical innovation that results in new products and services for arable farming with a high focus on reliability, sustainability and profit.


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